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The simple fact of the matter is that school isn't easy. It's not meant to be. Toss in extra curriculars, social life, family time, and the challenge becomes that much greater. At Cassels Tutoring, the goal is to provide students with the appropriate assistance to build a mindset around finding a balance between life in and out of the classroom. Our three step process begins with matching student and tutor based on needs, experiences, and tendencies. The mutual understanding between students and tutors creates an ideal environment from which students can learn and identify their role in their schooling. We then engage in a session that will help us gain insight into the student's academic and personal tendencies, strengths and weaknesses, to not only maximize the effectiveness of tutoring sessions, but also make tutoring an enjoyable process. Lastly, a plan is created to improve students' weaknesses, accentuate strengths, and show them that the success is attainable, in and out of the classroom.

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We begin by assessing the student's personality, interests, and academic experiences. The ultimate desired outcome from this stage is to match the student with the right tutor based on the student's personal attributes and experiences. We discuss interests, hobbies, personal tendencies, habits, and academic history. We allow them to reflect and consider areas in their lives in which they can improve. This information is then used to match the student with the appropriate tutor, one that will create the feeling that both of them are paddling the proverbial boat together in the same direction.

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Medical form with stethoscope


The goal of this stage is to ensure the student is learning effectively and attaining the confidence that they will academically succeed. That’s why students undergo a comprehensive diagnostics session when joining Cassels Tutoring. The diagnostics session is about examining students academic strengths, weaknesses and tendencies - ranging from subject specific content, to study and organizational habits, and relationships with teachers.

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The information obtained from the intake and diagnostics stages are used to create lesson plans. Lesson plans are derived from a multitude of resources at our disposal - subject textbooks with problems and answers, standardized test prep notebooks, and assignments. Individual homework is assigned, analyzed, and considered for future sessions.

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