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Teaching at Cassels Tutoring isn’t just about formulas and concepts. It’s also about giving students life skills to take initiative and accountability when it comes to academics, extracurriculars and life in general. All tutoring goals can be met through concept review and practice, assignment help, or test prep for elementary, high school and college or university students. 


Whether you need help understanding concepts and formulas in math or science, or help with the process of writing essays in english, history or economics, Cassels Tutoring can help! Click below to find out more about our subject tutoring offerings.

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The SAT or ACT are mandatory components of the application process to US Colleges/Universities. The scores on these highly standardized tests largely determine the student's’ chances of admission. The process for tutoring these tests is very student specific and necessitates significant amounts of prep time, especially for Canadian students who have less experience with multiple choice style tests.

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Academic success isn't just a matter of mastering content. It requires that students also be able to manage tasks associated with demonstrating proficiency with said content. At Cassels Tutoring, we focus on developing mechanisms for creating awareness of school work, methods for organizing and displaying that information, then approaches for incrementally completing the tasks within the confines of the course deadlines. All while making sure students make time for the extra-curricular activities that excite and inspire them.

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As you can see, we see tutoring as a broader term than just the individualized teaching of subject matter (though that's a huge part of it). We see that the 1-1 dynamic is rife with opportunity to help students cultivate the ancillary skills needed to be successful in the classroom. For us, it's not just about knowing the content - tutoring is so much more.

Below are some different types of content that we can provide tutoring for:

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