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About Cassels Tutoring

Based in Toronto, Cassels Tutoring caters to students of varying academic skill levels and needs ranging from elementary to high school and university. Promoting a balanced lifestyle where students fulfill their academic needs while finding time for extracurriculars, family and friends is the main objective of Cassels Tutoring.

One of the pillars of  success, whether it be in academics or beyond, is accountability. Through subject specific tutoring, our goal is to create a context wherein students can truly experience their role and responsibility in their academic pursuits. The key is to provide them with tools to get better grades, or to simply achieve a manageable lifestyle.

What makes Cassels Tutoring different is the relationships students build with their tutors. All of our tutors are academically qualified in their specialty subjects; however, a hiring criteria is that they have overcome challenges during their academic career. The mutual understanding between tutors and students creates a welcoming environment and communal atmosphere.

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