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Math success is determined by understanding basic concepts, and putting in the effort to consistently practice. Cassels Tutoring approaches mathematics in a way that will simplify complex problems and concepts for students of all levels, and give them a knowledge and disciplinary base that will continue to grow their skill set.

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Teaching science at Cassels Tutoring is about helping students develop an understanding of core concepts and theories, and building the confidence to apply them to more complex problems. Chemistry, biology, and physics tutoring is offered to students of all levels, including those in the IB program.

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Economics class success is determined by understanding core concepts, and facts about economic institutions and history. Economics tutoring is also offered to IB students of all levels, who may need assistance with IAs or Extended Essays.

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Content specific English tutoring can be challenging to guarantee. Instead, we focus on building the skills associated with academic success. This consists of teaching interpretive skills for advanced texts: Students need to be capable of inferring various elements of advanced texts that aren't necessarily explicitly on the page, like tone, mood, subtext, and themes for example. We also offer english tutoring for younger students, focusing on basic grammar, writing skills, and reading comprehension.

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Grammar, conjugation, pronunciation and reading comprehension - We know that it may seem daunting. But with the right help, students can learn effective strategies and practice habits that make learning french a much more simple process! Students of all skill levels are welcome.

Teacher Writing a Formula on a Blackboard


History is about understanding the facts surrounding significant figures and events. This understanding is then applied to communicating how history has and continues to shape the world. History students that come to Cassels Tutoring will not only learn historical facts but gain the skills to understand and communicate their significance. We also provide assistance for IB students who may need preparation for document tests, EEs, and IAs.

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