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Masks in Classroom

In-Person Learning

With a return to in-person learning, Cassels Tutoring is implementing the following policies and procedures to make sure the learning still happens and tutors and students are kept safe

Student Vaccination Checks

With the widespread availability of the COVID-19 vaccines, students who are able (aged 12 and over), must have both of their vaccine doses in order to do in person tutoring.

No Food Allowed

In an effort to ensure that masks remain on the whole time, we are asking that students and tutors both refrain from eating in the office, as to minimize mask removal while indoors.  It is recommended that students eat before their sessions if they know they may be hungry.

Tutor Vaccination Checks

Any tutor who is working onsite in our studio will have provided proof of complete vaccination (both doses). This will help keep both the students and the tutors safe during this uncertain time.

Pick Up and Drop Off

Students will only be allowed to be in the studio for the duration of their session. They will be invited up when it starts and exit the studio upon completing the session. Students will not be permitted to wait around the office space before or after their session.

Mandatory Masks

All tutors and students will be masked for the entire duration of their lesson. Masks cannot be removed while inside the studio. In the event a student forgets a mask, one will be provided.

Limited Capacity

With the guidelines released by the Ontario Ministry of Health, Cassels Tutoring will have to operate at a limited capacity (from an occupancy and hours standpoint) to ensure social distancing mandates are being observed. 

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