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Mindset Coaching

Your success starts with you and the grey matter up top

What's Happening? 

We need to start with what's happening...but how you see it. Why is school such a drag? Is it the unfair evaluation practices? Bad teachers? A lack of applicability to "real life"? This is where we find out why school is showing up for you as a thorn in your side.

What is Real?

By no means are we looking to get too epistemological (word of the day!) here; however, the funny thing is that much of the description of "what's happening" in school is going to be an opinion, your opinion, but how truthful or real can an opinion be? The next part of our trip comes in working to see these opinions as...well...opinions instead of reflections of reality.

It's Mostly a Story?

We're not saying that your teachers aren't sometimes having a rough day or that exams are fair...but the judgements you form around them are actually part of a nice big story you've spent hours subconsciously putting together. Let's figure out what that story is

So It's a Story...Now What?

This is where you get to make your trip yours. This is the best moment - where you begin to work on crafting a narrative, a series of catchphrases, and an identity that makes school a pursuit that means something to you.

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