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Tui Cohen


What is one thing you want students to know about you? 

I am currently a graduate student at University of Toronto where I combine chemistry, math and physics in an effort to decipher what molecules tell us! I also play a ton of hockey and muay thai when I'm not in the books.

I like to have fun while tutoring. You've gotta keep the atmosphere light but to the point and most importantly have fun while you are learning! 

What's your educational background?

I started my academic path at Ursula Franklin Academy (UFA), completed my undergraduate degree majoring in chemistry and applied physics, while minoring in mathematics at Ryerson and I am currently in graduate school at UofT.

What are 4-5 personality traits you would use to describe yourself?

Driven, Chill, Hardworking, Grateful

Name your favourite TV show, movie, and song:

Favourite TV show: Rick and Morty

Favourite movie: The Matrix

Favourite song: Liberation by Outkast

What are some of your hobbies?

I enjoy playing sports and keeping active, music of all types (Kendrick Lamar, Fleetwood Mac, Led Zepp, Stevie W,etc), playing the guitar (and bass) and cooking

What was your favourite subject in high school?

While I was in high school my favourite class was gym, but on the more academic side of things it would have been chemistry.

What is something you would tell your younger self in high school?

The one piece of advice I would give my former self is that each person's journey is unique and you've got to work hard for what you want. I believe that this embodies the high school experience. If you are not getting your desired results, reach out for help and observe how you can change your study habits for success!

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