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Spencer Thornton


What is one thing you want students to know about you? 

My interest in physics started because I thought black holes were cool. Turns out there is a lot of math invovled

What's your educational background?

High school: Denis Morris Catholic High School - University: University of Toronto , Physics specialist + math major

What are 4-5 personality traits you would use to describe yourself?

Laidback, inquisitive, patient, positive, reliable.

Name your favourite TV show, movie, and song:

Favourite TV show: Bleach

Favourite movie: Grand Budapest Hotel

Favourite song: Battlecry by Nujabes

What are some of your hobbies?

I am super interested in various areas of philosophy and usually take at least 1 philosophy course per semester. I also enjoy gaming and built my first pc in high-school and since then have built many more.

What was your favourite subject in high school?


What is something you would tell your younger self in high school?

I would urge myself to start learning how to manage time more effectively as it's a valuable asset in university(and in general).

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