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Collin Bernard


What is one thing you want students to know about you? 

In my gap year between highschool and university, I went to Italy to work in a restaurant and traveled across Europe. 

What's your educational background?

B.A. History (University of Western Ontario), MSc History (The London School of Economics and Political Science), Ph.D. History (In progress, University of Wisconsin-Madison).

What are 4-5 personality traits you would use to describe yourself?

Good sense of humor, kind, generous, attentive, fun.

Name your favourite TV show, movie, and song:

Favourite TV show: Love Island (UK), Only Murders in the Building

Favourite movie: Cheaper by the Dozen

Favourite song: Anything!

What are some of your hobbies?

Going to the Gym, Traveling, Comedy, Cooking, Reading, Learning Languages.

What was your favourite subject in high school?

History and Gym Class

What is something you would tell your younger self in high school?

Work hard and have fun!

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