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Alex Xiang

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What is one thing you want students to know about you? 

 I currently have a horrifying farmer’s tan that I’m extremely proud of because I have not had the chance to play so much tennis since middle school.

What's your educational background?

I attended University of Toronto Schools for high school and am currently in my fourth year of the Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology bachelor’s program at UofT.

What are 4-5 personality traits you would use to describe yourself?

Dedicated, adaptable, curious, positive

Name your favourite TV show, movie, and song:

Favourite TV show: The Blacklist

Favourite movie: Inception

Favourite song: Any song by Taylor Swift

What are some of your hobbies?

Tennis, basketball, shopping, and cooking!

What was your favourite subject in high school?


What is something you would tell your younger self in high school?

Try your hardest to stick to your hobbies throughout high school. You actually have less class and more time for your interests in university than in high school, and you will regret not continuing those hobbies for so many years.

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